Designed specifically for smaller, entry-level communications requirements, the Cisco BE6000S simplifies operations with one centrally managed platform that is fast and easy to install, deploy, manage, and use. So there’s less to manage, less space and power usage, and less cost.

Benefits  Business Edition 6000s (BE6000S)

Give your employees all the tools they need for rich collaboration anywhere in one complete, affordable, easy-to-own solution. It’s great for smaller environments, and built to scale with changing business needs.

Business Edition 6000s

Business Edition 6000s

Your employees are your most powerful business resource. And when you bring them together to share their knowledge, creativity, and experience, their value soars. Studies show that better collaboration leads to improved productivity and profitability.

That’s why so many businesses are focusing on helping their employees collaborate wherever, whenever, and however they want. Business Edition 6000S (BE6000S) provides a simple, affordable way to put powerful collaboration in reach of everyone in your company. This complete, all-in-one solution lets your employees work together using the industry’s best communications features, all from a single, integrated platform. It makes it easy for them to reach the people and resources they need from any location, using the devices they prefer.


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