Business Edition 6000

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Cisco Business Edition 6000

BE 6000 consists of the following foundational elements:

Following applications can be optionally added to Cisco Business Edition 6000 solution.


Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE 6000) is designed for midsized companies with a work-force of up to one thousand workers. The standard features include high-quality voice and video communications, instant messaging capabilities, multi-user conferencing, and contacts at your fingertips, all incorporated into one device. The system allows for midsized corporations to have communications infrastructure in place across the entire company. The BE 6000 was previously marketed as the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 6000.

BE 6000 is facilitated by virtualization technology and it merges several applications into one accessible platform. It allows for a growth in the return on investment (ROI) while allowing for a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) due to the adaptable and accommodating design of the system. It easily permits expansion with the growth of the company, while upgrades are simple to implement due to changing company needs.

The available features of the BE 6000 are what every midsized company expects and depends on in today’s business world. The communications are enterprise-class with all features integrated into the platform. With years of experience and systems that have been proven to work, Cisco has designed the BE 6000 to meet their world-class standards and achieve their promised results. With the BE 6000, customers can design the system to suit the corporate needs without difficulty, while providing the best options, both standard and premium, to cater to specific business requirements. For more info Please click here


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